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We’re in the midst of what we’re calling the Great Reshuffle, a time when everyone is rethinking everything. Companies are rethinking their entire working models, cultures, and company values. At the same time, employees are rethinking not just how they work, but why, looking for opportunities that best match their needs whether that’s greater flexibility, better pay, an inclusive environment, or deeper fulfillment. 

While a lot has changed around us, what hasn’t changed is the strength of our culture. Whether it’s taking a simple yet bold approach to the way we work, partnering with organizations that share our commitment to creating diverse and inclusive workplaces, or helping drive more equitable outcomes for all members of the global workforce, we’re committed to our values, embracing a growth mindset and transforming the way the world works — starting from within. 

For us, doing good is just as—if not more important than—doing well. Our employees are encouraged to engage in charitable giving and volunteer programs like LinkedIn Coaches, which has helped empower over 1.2M+ job seekers facing barriers to grow their careers and expand their networks through career coaching and mentorship. We also provide employees with a donation match benefit of up to $15K through our matching gifts program. To date, we’ve made $500K in corporate donations to the National Urban League, Southern Poverty Law Center, NAACP, the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, and others who work on advocacy and economic justice for the Black community.

Check out our Social Impact and Careers websites to learn more. 

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