LinkedIn raises employee donation match to 15K annually

Over the past year, thousands of LinkedIn employees have supported organizations and causes that they care about with their time or financial resources.

As a company, LinkedIn has committed to amplifying our employees’ impact through our matching gifts program. This program allows every LinkedIn employee to access funds each year for charitable causes. This benefit can either be used to match donations 1:1 or can be unlocked with volunteer time at a rate of $10 for every hour. Our employees also have access to internal tools that allow them to organize fundraising campaigns amongst their colleagues in every LinkedIn office around the world.

In 2018 our employees donated to over 2400 organizations globally, like UK Youth in London, Hope Center in Omaha, Civic Action in Toronto, Sujaya Foundation in India, and more.


Today, LinkedIn is announcing an increase in our employee donation match benefit. Starting July 1st, 2019, LinkedIn will now match up to $15,000 USD per fiscal year in donations for all eligible employees. In addition, LinkedIn offers a $10 donation match for every hour volunteered.


This is an important step forward for our company as we continue to lead and inspire a culture that makes an impact.


Learn more about LinkedIn’s Social Impact programs here.