B2Brilliant: Our highlights from Cannes Lions 2022

This week, industry leaders from around the globe gathered at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity to discuss the future of the ad industry and celebrate creative excellence. Our CEO Ryan Roslansky and CMCO Mel Selcher were among those in attendance, sharing our unique insights and perspectives on the opportunities ahead for B2B brands. 

Here are some key highlights from the event: 

  • Ryan delivered a keynote in front of a packed audience at the iconic Lumiere Theater about his vision for the next twenty years of the ad industry where a new era of “creatification” and promise-making will help emerging B2B brands tell their stories. 

  • Mel sat down with Ryan shortly after to discuss some of the major takeaways from his keynote and the opportunities we’re seeing in B2B. 

  • Mel spoke with Insider about the changing role of the CMO as part of their CMO Innovation Series at the Palais. She was also named one of Insider’s Most Innovative CMOs of 2022.

  • Ty Heath, Director of Marketing and Engagement, led a discussion with industry leaders on how to improve DEI in creative work and the significance of Juneteenth as more than just a moment. 

  • Our B2B Institute gathered industry leaders and CMOs for a series of events focused on why it has never been more important for B2B companies to invest in brand. They also launched a new report with the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science on ‘Category Entry Points in a B2B World’. 

  • The Institute also supported Cannes Lions with the launch of the Creative B2B Lions, a new award that aims to celebrate game-changing creativity for products and services that are purchased by professionals on behalf of businesses.

  • We launched a new creativity playbook that empowers brand marketers and creative agencies to build campaigns on LinkedIn, taking a unique perspective on our product suite, data and insights and exploring what creative best practice looks like on the platform.

  • Our #DyslexicThinking campaign that launched earlier this year in partnership with Virgin, Made By Dyslexia, FCB Inferno and Dictionary.com, was shortlisted for the Titanium Lions Award, which celebrates the best in game-changing creativity. 

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