Introducing new services and products built for B2B

B2B brands power much of the world’s economy, and as the B2B space continues to garner more attention, the stage is set for a creative revolution. The companies that are ready to meet the moment and join the revolution will have the advantage as it takes off. 

We partnered with YouGov to survey 1,600 senior B2B marketing decision-makers from around the globe and found that*:

  • The majority (82%) of senior B2B marketers say “creative confidence” is growing as B2B companies become more confident with producing creative campaigns

  • 81% believe B2B brands are increasingly producing creative campaigns that rival consumer brands

  • 69% think B2B purchasing decisions are as emotionally-driven as B2C purchasing decisions

  • 9 in 10 recognize that brand building is just as important to driving long-term revenue growth in B2B as it is in consumer marketing

To help customers step into this moment, we’re announcing several new offerings and feature updates aimed at equipping and empowering B2B professionals to unleash their most creative work, execute campaigns with ease, and seamlessly manage relationships with their customers and clients.

Whether you’re a B2B marketer or sales professional, we are introducing solutions built for you, including:

You can download our creativity playbook here, and we invite you to learn more about today’s news in this video from Jim Habig.


*LinkedIn commissioned YouGov to survey 1,600 senior B2B marketing decision makers in the US, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, UAE, KSA, Brazil, Australia, India and Singapore during April 28 to May 25, 2022. The research was conducted online.