LinkedIn Announces New Updates Moving the Company Beyond Recruiting

At the 10th annual Talent Connect conference, LinkedIn announced a new product roadmap including LinkedIn Recruiter mobile app and LinkedIn Talent Insights integration in LinkedIn Recruiter

Our annual Talent Connect conference turns ten this year, and today we shared several updates on LinkedIn’s talent business, our vision and product roadmap. 

To kick things off, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner invited Talent Connect attendees to take the Plus One Pledge, the intention to share your time, talent, and connections with people outside of your network who may not have access to the same resources you do. Jeff also highlighted LinkedIn’s unique ability to help close the “network gap” through our technology, company, and people.

Following, we shared our vision to help drive talent professionals toward a more people-centric mindset and the tools we’ve designed to equip companies with planning, hiring, and developing talent. 

Here’s an overview on today’s news and see here for more details:

Workforce Planning

LinkedIn Talent Insights Integrates with LinkedIn Recruiter

  • Since the launch of LinkedIn Talent Insights last year, roughly 1,500 companies are actively using the tool for access to real-time data and analytics about the workforce. 

  • Today, to build on that momentum, we announced the integration of LinkedIn Talent Insights within the new LinkedIn Recruiter & Jobs experience. 

  • Within the “Talent Insights” tab in LinkedIn Recruiter & Jobs, we’re answering the need for more data to drive business decisions, giving talent professionals the ability to have more metric-driven conversations with teams about who, where and how to hire. 

  • Companies who use both LinkedIn Recruiter and Talent Insights are recruiting more effectively, and experiencing a +22% lift in InMail accept rates from the new people they are finding and contacting.

More Efficient Hiring

Introducing the new LinkedIn Recruiter Mobile App

  • Over the last year, we’ve brought our core recruiting products -- LinkedIn Recruiter, Jobs, and Pipeline Builder -- into a single, seamless experience called New LinkedIn Recruiter and Jobs. 

  • With the rise of mobile and considering over 70% of responses to recruiters from candidates taking place after 7 p.m., we want to give recruiters the ability to easily and quickly engage with their pipeline. That’s why we built the same streamlined experience on mobile, and today, announced the revamped LinkedIn Recruiter Mobile App

  • With the revamped app, customers will send, receive and manage messages on-the-go, search and find relevant candidates and share and collaborate with their team, right from their mobile phone. 

LinkedIn’s Applicant Tracking System is now available 

  • LinkedIn Talent Hub is now officially available for customers, starting today. This new hiring solution brings your information from LinkedIn Recruiter, LinkedIn Jobs, Apply with LinkedIn and more into one platform for simple sourcing, candidate management and hiring. 

  • Designed for small and mid-sized companies under 1,000 employees, this end-to-end hiring platform provides data-fueled insights and best-in-class collaboration tools to drive efficiency and effectiveness for our customers, and an overall better experience for candidates.

New integrations with Oracle and ICIMS to make sourcing for talent simpler 

  • HR leaders are tasked with being more efficient in hiring and developing people, so they have more time to focus on growing existing talent and connecting with prospective talent. Today, we announced that our Linkedin Recruiter System Connect (RSC)  integration with Oracle’s Taleo Enterprise Edition is now available for customers to use, and ICIMS will be live for customers next quarter. 

  • This will simplify the hiring process for Oracle and ICIMS customers by integrating their talent acquisition systems with RSC. This will provide rich insights and end-to-end visibility of the candidate journey from sourcing to hire, and eliminates the need to manually copy and paste between systems to help recruiters work more effectively.

Skill Assessments to streamline the candidate search and source more confidently

  • By building better solutions for job seekers that are putting more of the right jobs in front of them, we’re also able to deliver more quality candidates to employers - creating more efficiency and transparency, and better matches, throughout the entire hiring process. 

  • Just in time for Talent Connect, our new Skill Assessments feature enables members to assess and validate their skills so they can more successfully stand out amongst candidates with more traditional experience. In turn, Skill Assessments empower recruiters and hiring managers to reliably vet candidates for the skills they’re looking for, and cast a wider net. In fact, passing just one Skill Assessment makes an applicant 50% more likely to get hired. 

More ways to develop and engage talent 

More Insights into the skills of your workforce 

  • With LinkedIn Skills Insights, available in LinkedIn Learning Pro today, admins can  dive deep into your organization’s skill profile and review how your skills profile changes over time, benchmarking skills against industry peers. This is valuable for identifying gaps and delivering relevant content recommendations to employees. Within the next year, Skills Insights will also show which skills employees are in the process of developing, so you can better understand where your learners are investing and track progress over time

  • We also announced our vision to build a Learning Experience Platform (LXP), a personalized, interactive community experience that brings multiple sources of learning content into one place. 

Better tools to engage and build winning teams

  • We know managers have a big impact on teams at all levels, which is why Glint launched new cutting-edge capabilities this year designed to tap into what motivates people and drive the business forward, including Manager Concierge. This guides a manager through the process of understanding their results, working with their teams, and taking action to improve together. Additionally, Glint’s people success platform is tapping into employee engagement to help people develop and grow. Learn more on the Glint blog.

We’re looking forward to the next 10 years of this journey, and we’re excited at the possibilities of what we can do together.