Gain a Competitive Advantage with a new B2B Sales Playbook

Today, we unveiled a new report that sheds light on the habits of top-performing sales professionals: Deep Sales: The B2B Sales Playbook to Boost Revenue in 2024. Over the past few years, B2B buyers and sellers have had to adapt to countless shifts in ways of working, and old playbooks are no longer effective in the current environment. This new report uncovers insights that can serve as a guide for helping sellers identify how to breakthrough with buyers to drive revenue this year. 

Highlights from this report include: 

  • Top-performing sales professionals are 2x more likely to hit quota than their peers by focusing on three core habits: prioritizing high-opportunity accounts, identifying and building key relationships, and leveraging their networks to inform outreach.
  • 62% of top performers conducted industry research for their prospects. 
  • AI is also supercharging top seller efforts, with 75% of sellers who hit quota using AI to help them reach this milestone. 
  • Relationships matter, as more than half of buyers (54%) have purchased a product or solution from the same seller even after they moved to another company.
  • Buyers indicate that demonstrating a clear understanding of their business needs is the most important step sellers can take to increase likelihood of a purchase.

To learn more about what’s in store for B2B buying and selling in 2024, check out the full report here.