Introducing LinkedIn CTV and Live Event Ads to help B2B marketers connect with decision makers

With 94% of Fortune 100 companies trusting us to help them reach their audiences across our community of more than 1 billion members, we’re introducing new ad solutions for B2B marketers to engage decision makers both on and off LinkedIn. Today, we unveiled new offerings –  LinkedIn CTV Ads, LinkedIn Premiere with NBCUniversal, and Live Event Ads – at our B2Believe customer event in New York. With these new ad formats, we’re helping our customers: 

  • Get their creative in front of the LinkedIn audience against high-quality, streaming television content on connected sets with LinkedIn CTV.
  • Target decision makers in the U.S. across NBCUniversal's premium content on CTV with LinkedIn Premiere
  • Measure the impact of their work and make strategic decisions about their future CTV campaigns based on insights from partners, iSpot and Kantar.
  • Promote their company's live event before, during, and after it takes place with Live Event Ads.

You can read more about our new B2B ad solutions here