LinkedIn Introduces New AI-powered Premium Experience

Today, we introduced a new AI-powered Linkedin Premium experience bringing a higher level of personalization to each interaction. This tailored experience encompasses everything from gaining deeper insights into crucial topics to receiving personalized career action suggestions. 

We’re helping Premium subscribers unlock new opportunities and increase productivity:  

  • Our new AI-powered experience will analyze your feed’s posts (from the commentary to the article to the conversation) and reveal the key salient opportunities for you…in one simple click... in seconds. It will take on the hard work of parsing through long articles, videos and posts and give you ideas on how the information can be helpful to you. Then you’ll get to spend your valuable time taking action on it.

  • In addition, our new experience leverages Microsoft Bing to provide information that is timely and comprehensive to keep you informed of what’s happening in the world right now. If you have a question about a trending topic, you can expect a swift response of expert articles and discussions, both from LinkedIn and across the web.

We’re transforming the overwhelming job search into success stories:

  • Our new job seeker experience reimagines what’s possible. From seamlessly assessing if a particular job is a good fit for you to identifying the best way to position yourself for it, we’ll guide you to finding your dream role and building your confidence. With this experience, researching roles, companies, industries, and even preparing for interviews become part of a seamless, delightful interaction on LinkedIn.

Our innovative AI-powered experience has been crafted to meticulously analyze the content within your feed and across job postings, bringing to light pivotal opportunities. To engineer this type of experience, we built new infrastructures and tools to support rapid GAI-related innovation, and leveraged our existing technology in different ways to deliver more value to Premium subscribers in a unique, LinkedIn way

We are starting this rollout with a select group of Premium subscribers as we test and iterate. These members will see more personalization with every interaction to help unlock hidden opportunities, from how to get smarter about important topics to personalized career actions they can take.

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if that shows someone scrolling through their LinkedIn feed on a mobile phone and seeing takeaways and tips to help in their career.
Gif that shows someone scrolling through LinkedIn jobs page on a mobile phone with suggestions to help them assess their fit for a job or learn more about a role.