Introducing new resources to help B2B marketers navigate this moment with confidence

While many B2B marketers around the globe are having to make tough decisions and tradeoffs about where to invest given macro uncertainties, 86% of them feel optimistic or confident about their role, according to our B2B Marketing Benchmark*. 

Our B2B Marketing Benchmark also finds that globally: 

  • 60% of B2B CFOs are optimistic about marketing’s ability to drive revenue in the next year 

  • Roughly 2 in 3 B2B CMOs and CFOs say the importance of the CMO has increased in the eyes of the C-suite

  • 80% of B2B CMOs share that they have learned the language of finance and 65% of B2B marketing leaders expect budgets to grow over the next year 

B2B Marketing Leaders Infographic

LinkedIn's B2B Marketing Benchmark shows that marketing leaders are hopeful, with 65% globally expecting budgets to grow over the next year

To help B2B marketers continue to meet this moment and deliver results, we are introducing new products and services so that they can: 

  • Prioritize the most high-value work with the help of AI-generated Copy Suggestions, which uses generative AI to create text and headlines for ad creative**  

  • Showcase how paid advertising can drive business impact with the CMO Scorecard, a new offering within our B2B Edge consultancy program

  • Learn about how to maximize paid and organic marketing efforts with the B2B Index and B2B Leaderboard

  • Reach their audience in engaging ways with Thought Leader Ads, Conversation Ads*** and In-Stream Video Ads

  • Learn more about the buyers and companies they are trying to reach with our new Audience Insights API

  • Engage with buyers in one-to-one conversations through Pages Messaging

Learn more about what’s top-of-mind for B2B marketers and leaders in our B2B Marketing Benchmark here and dive into our new B2B products and services here.  


*Methodology: LinkedIn commissioned Ipsos to survey 1,954 B2B CMOs, CFOs and senior-level B2B marketers at small, medium and large organizations across the globe (US, UK, Germany, France, India, Australia, Singapore and Brazil) to examine how they're faring amid uncertainty, what they're doing to drive growth at their companies and how their roles are evolving. The research was conducted online between March 24 and May 5 2023. 


**Limited pilot in North America 

***Conversation Ads are not available in the EU.