LinkedIn and Persona expand verification partnership to 16 more countries around the world

Today, we took another step to making our free verification feature available to more than 700 million people on LinkedIn and our aspirational goal to have 100 million verified by 2025. We’re doing this in part through partnerships with identity companies like Persona . We’ll start rolling out Identity verification by Persona to LinkedIn members in Cambodia, Costa Rica, Fiji, Grenada, Honduras, Hong Kong, Laos, Mongolia, Nepal, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay, Singapore, Thailand, Timor-Leste, and Venezuela.

Over the past year, LinkedIn has been rolling out a range of free verification options which allow our members to verify certain information about themselves, like their association with a particular company or educational institution. 

Since launching, more than 30 million people now have at least one form of verification associated with their profile. Having signals of authenticity like verifications can help build trust while bringing opportunity. On average, verified members  get 60 percent more profile views, 50 percent more comments and reactions on their posts, and 30 percent more connection requests. 

We will keep you updated as we keep working towards fostering a trusted community and bringing verification options to every member of the global workforce.

You can learn how to verify your identity through Persona here and learn more about our work with our other trusted third party partners like CLEAR.