New Verification Options for Canadian Members

Authenticity matters when it comes to providing every LinkedIn member and customer a safe, trusted, and professional experience on our platform. Beginning Thursday August 17, Canadians will have access to a new, free way to verify their identity for use on LinkedIn. LinkedIn members will have the opportunity to add an extra layer of trust and authenticity to their profiles by verifying with CLEAR Verified, a cutting-edge verification platform. 

With CLEAR, LinkedIn members can now verify their identity by using their Canadian government ID and phone number. This verification process sets a new standard for reliability and credibility on the platform, reinforcing LinkedIn’s commitment to fostering a trusted community of professionals in Canada. 

As LinkedIn continues to prioritize authenticity and security, these new verification options empower Canadian LinkedIn members to build a trusted professional network, ensuring a safer and more reliable experience for everyone on the platform. To learn more about verification, including how to get set up, visit our Help Center.