Exciting new tools for creators

To help support the amazing creator activity happening on LinkedIn, we’re excited to announce more tools and features to help creators build an engaged audience and foster meaningful relationships with their followers. Here is what’s new:

Expanding Audio Event Access to Even More Creators: Earlier this year, we started beta testing a new event experience that gave creators the ability to host an interactive audio discussion with their audiences - and it was a total success! We saw creators connecting with their communities by hosting office hours and AMA’s, networking events, conversations with thought leaders, and more. Now, we’re expanding Audio Event hosting access to anyone who has Creator Mode turned on and meets our community policies of being a trustworthy, safe, and professional provider of content. And as before, if you don’t have hosting access, you can still join an audio event and raise your hand to join the conversation.

Highlighting a URL In Your Profile Header: We heard from many creators that increasing visibility for a personal website, event, or portfolio is a priority. With creator mode, you can now add a link to the top of your profile so that audiences can learn more about you and your brand.


We’ve improved how people can discover and follow creators: 

  • Gain followers from sites outside of LinkedIn: In the coming weeks, Creator Mode will provide a link/button that you can share or embed on other websites, emails, and blogs. With just one click, users on other platforms can follow you on LinkedIn. They’ll get to see more of your public LinkedIn content, and you can quickly grow your following.

  • More ways to gain followers in the Feed: We’ve continued to improve how your content shows up in member feeds - whether those people already follow you or not. To ensure folks will continue to see your content, we’ve made it even easier to follow you right from the Feed without needing to visit your profile. Keep developing high-quality content to show up in feeds and attract new followers!
  • Easier to be discovered in search: 18% of all follows on LinkedIn come from LinkedIn search – that’s why we’ve made a number of improvements to how creators like you will show up in search results. Now, if someone searches for a specific person, we’ve made it easy to one-click follow them without needing to leave the search experience. And, if someone searches for a specific company or topic, we’ll show profiles of creators who discuss those subjects and make it simple to follow those people with a single click.

  • Connection requests become automatic followers: If you have creator mode turned on and your profile's public visibility is on/enabled, when a LinkedIn member invites you to connect, we’ll automatically have them start to follow you, regardless of whether or not you accept their connection request. This means they’ll start seeing your public post updates in their feed without needing to wait for a response from you on the initial connection request.