Our new and improved messaging experience for members

We’ve heard from many of our members that they want a better way to organize their LinkedIn Inbox. Today, we’re rolling out a new and improved LinkedIn messaging experience to make it easier for our members around the globe to find and respond to the messages that matter most. 

Focused Inbox offers a dual-tabbed experience that categorizes your incoming messages into “Focused” and “Other.” Focused contains the most relevant new opportunities and outreach, while Other contains the remainder of your conversations.

With conversations up nearly 20 percent since last year, we’re seeing more professionals on LinkedIn are turning to messaging to connect and engage with each other. Early feedback we’ve heard is that it’s helped our members efficiently keep track of and respond to ongoing conversations and opportunities. 

We’re gradually rolling out Focused Inbox to all members globally. If you don’t yet have this new feature, stay tuned. You’ll soon get a notification at the top of your LinkedIn Inbox to Try the New Focused Inbox, where you’ll be able to opt into this new experience.