Our commitment to equal pay

Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer Teuila Hanson shared the following update today on LinkedIn about our commitment to equal pay:  

Earlier this year, we committed to doing our part to help ensure that when two people with comparable skills and similar experience are looking for a job, they’ll have the same opportunities regardless of their demographics. Equal Pay Day in the U.S. is a moment to voice our support for addressing the historical, systemic and persistent pay gap between men and women and with underrepresented groups. 

At LinkedIn, we do ongoing reviews of employee pay for general fairness and competitiveness. Since 2015, we have also reviewed employee pay with a lens focused on internal equity.  Our pay reviews take a number of the factors that most commonly impact pay levels into account, and when we find issues, we take action and make adjustments. In 2016, we joined two dozen other companies in signing the White House Equal Pay Pledge, a public commitment to do the work necessary inside our company and across the private sector to close the national pay gap. 

After our most recent annual review cycle in October 2020, we conducted a “pay gap analysis” on our employees’ pay to take measure of where we are when we look at comparable employees performing similar work. Our results showed that globally for every $1.00 earned by men, our female employees earn $0.998 and in the US, our employees of color earn $1.00 for every $1.00 earned by our white employees. More details on LinkedIn’s equity and inclusion efforts can be found in our 2020 Workforce Diversity Report

We’re committed to this journey and know there is more work to be done. We'll continue taking steps to ensure that when our employees in similar roles and locations with similar experience and skills do equal work, they receive equal pay.