Introducing LinkedIn Integrations with New Microsoft Viva Employee Experience Platform

Today, we’re introducing new Glint and LinkedIn Learning integrations with Microsoft Viva, a new Employee Experience Platform designed to help people learn, grow, and thrive at work. These integrations bring managers visibility into how their people are feeling in their jobs and give employees access to learning opportunities all within their daily Microsoft 365 and Teams workflow.

Since distributed work has become our new normal, many of us struggle to stay connected to our teams, manage burnout, and prioritize our own wellbeing. Adapting to change can be challenging, but having actionable insights on the wellbeing of our teams and being able to unearth new learning opportunities to keep employees engaged is critical in addressing issues before they bubble up to the surface.

Here are a few more specifics about our integrations with Microsoft Viva:

  • Glint: With Glint’s integration with Microsoft Viva Insights, HR and business leaders can combine aggregated and de-identified employee feedback from Glint —”how people feel”— with aggregated and de-identified collaboration data from Viva Insights — “how people work" — to deeply understand key aspects of the employee experience and, most importantly, identify concrete and objective ways to improve it. 

  • LinkedIn Learning: To support continual learning and skills development right in the flow of daily work, LinkedIn Learning is building a deep integration with Microsoft Viva Learning so employees can discover, view, and share world-class content from LinkedIn Learning directly within Teams. Employees will also receive recommendations from LinkedIn Learning in the daily briefing email from Cortana.

The Next Step in Our Joint Commitment

As we continue delivering on our joint commitment with Microsoft, our vision extends beyond helping job seekers to supporting people’s success after they are hired. Today’s announcement reinforces the specific role that employers play in helping their employees discover and develop the skills needed to grow their careers. 

For more information on the Glint integration, check out our blog post. Additionally, Microsoft shares more here.