2021 Opportunity Index for Asia Pacific

Today, we published our LinkedIn Opportunity Index 2021 for Asia Pacific. The study illuminates many of the goals and perceived barriers members are currently experiencing across the region amid COVID-19.

Below is the full forward for that study authored by Vice President of Talent and Learning Solutions in APAC Feon Ang

In 2020, as we figured out how to thrive in the new normal, opportunities came in new and unconventional ways. For most of us, it meant surviving first, adapting second, and then finally figuring out how to put our best foot forward. In our third edition of the LinkedIn Opportunity Index study – which aims to find out the goals of people across Asia Pacific and the perceived barriers standing in their way – it was disappointing to see that the pandemic has affected women disproportionately.

LinkedIn’s vision is to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce. We believe women are equal contributors to the workforce but our research shows they continue to receive far fewer opportunities compared to their male counterparts. This year, the study spans seven markets across the Asia Pacific region and we surveyed over 10,000 respondents, both men and women, to find out their aspirations and concerns. While there’s no doubt we’ve seen progress in workplace diversity as conversations around the topic have grown, our study shows there’s plenty of room to expand further and make a real impact with more action.

I sincerely hope our research will ignite important conversations and drive the changes many of us want to see. I believe that more can be done to encourage people to adopt a broader mindset, especially when it comes to gender roles, and implement policies that champion women both in the workplace and at a national level. Together, we can level the playing field.

You can see the full findings from our report here