New design and experiences help members build meaningful relationships

Today, we’re announcing the redesign of LinkedIn — from the inside out — to continue to help you connect with your community and make your LinkedIn experience as easy, enjoyable, safe, and inclusive as possible. A post on our LinkedIn blog today from our CEO Ryan Roslansky gives a full overview of this news. 

Every element in the visual refresh is intended to convey warmth and humanity: 

New Look and Feel

This is our first major visual redesign in five years and we’re excited by this cleaner and more modern look with a focus on community. The guiding principles to bring this to life included: 

  • Warmth: We’ve infused a warm color palette with foundational canvas hues, and blue and green accents to signal action and selection. We’ve also added more rounded shapes and buttons in our user interface for a softer, friendlier experience.

  • Intuitive: The new design optimizes for space, size, and typographic structure, and has less of that traditional “LinkedIn blue” and puts more focus on our members and their experience. This allows us to save the blue color to be a clear affordance to take action, which makes it clearer how to navigate and use the app. 

  • Simple: We’ve simplified the look and feel, adding more whitespace, and reducing divider lines and decorative icons. 

  • Inclusive: The new experience was designed to meet accessibility standards with layout decisions and elements that allow for text scaling, bigger touch targets, and emphasize contrast for readability, and we have plans to introduce a dark mode soon. We also developed new illustrations that capture a wide range of different professional fields and industries, and represent people with different abilities and ethnic backgrounds, bringing to life our vibrant community and the diverse perspectives that exist on LinkedIn.

We’re infusing this concept of sharing experiences and humanizing how we interact into everything we do, including how we build our products.

Introducing a More Human Way to Share with LinkedIn Stories

Stories provides a more humanized and light-weight way to share everyday professional moments. 

  • Show your professional side with an extra personal touch: Stories are an authentic way for members and companies to share what’s happening at work. As Stories are shared for 24 hours and allow for private feedback, the story full-screen format is a great way to express professional moments with your LinkedIn network without worrying that the content is permanently attached to your profile.

  • Apply your creativity at work: With the social media landscape shifting towards visual and mobile-first content, Stories will help to have a more creative and casual way to share your professional routine. 

  • Spark conversation: Stories is a powerful way to spark conversations within professional communities: it’s a new opportunity to enhance valuable connections and share content, all connected by private messaging.

  • Drive brand storytelling: For brands, LinkedIn Stories means another tool to build relationships and make sure viewers can keep up with the latest news and moments from companies they care about.

We’re making LinkedIn Stories available in the U.S. and Canada, and globally in the coming weeks.

Messaging Reimagined

Conversations are the centerpiece to stay informed and find opportunities, and we’ve seen an increase in 25% of messages sent since last year. So, for those that prefer private messaging, we’re adding new ways to connect with feature updates including reactions and the ability to kick off a video meeting directly in a message thread. 

  • Making messaging more visual: This October we'll be making it easy to switch the conversation from chat to face-to-face using Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans by Verizon, or Zoom directly in your LinkedIn messages. 

  • Control over your messages with edit/delete sent: We’ve added the ability to edit or delete sent messages. We’ve made it easier to select multiple conversations at a time to archive, delete or mark them read/unread all at once.

  • React to messages with emojis: We’ve added the ability to quickly react to messages with emojis to make it easier to express yourself. 

  • New ways to keep our community safe: We’ve added in-line message warnings to help more quickly identify inappropriate, inflammatory, harassing or hateful content so that members can report bad actors.  

Search Updates

We’re also making it easier to find everything available on LinkedIn. Before, search was about finding people or jobs. 

  • One blended search experience: Now search will show more organized results with jobs, people, courses, groups, events and content in one result, making it easier for members to find what they need, and also explore other aspects of LinkedIn they may not have known existed. For example, when searching for “Java,” you’ll see people you may know with that skill, jobs requiring that skill, relevant LinkedIn Learning courses and related groups to join. 

  • Find it faster with more filters: We’ve also added keyword filters for people (previously available only on web) to the mobile app, as well as filters for company by location, industry and company size to all platforms.

  • Spot more relevant insights in results: While speed is important, you need results that are relevant. That’s why we’ve added more personalized insights to search results: like surfacing your connections who work at companies with open jobs, and LinkedIn Learning courses “liked” by people who work at your company. We’ve added new result cards that let you glimpse your connections’ recent activity when you search for them, and also a “People Also Viewed” list of relevant companies or people to follow.

Today’s announcement follows the launches of new tools to help people connect virtually and stay informed over the past few months. It also shares how we continue to see engagement on LinkedIn hit new highs with a 50 percent increase in people sharing, and more than 1 million hours of learning consumed every week. For more information, visit our LinkedIn blog