Our commitment to a zero waste future

Today, LinkedIn announced its Zero Waste commitment as part of the third phase of Microsoft's global sustainability initiative to protect and preserve our global ecosystem for future generations. Our ambitious goal to eliminate waste by 2030 is the third sprint in a broader commitment launched earlier this year focusing on carbon, water, ecosystems and waste. 

Every year, more than 11 billion tons of waste are produced worldwide according to the United Nations. As part of this initiative, we will commit to: 

  • Achieve TRUE Zero Waste Certification for our campuses by 2025 with best practices shared globally
  • Divert 90% of construction waste from the landfills to be recycled and reused
  • Create employee engagement programs to achieve a 25% decrease in volume of waste per person
  • Support growth of the circular economy through our platform and products

In addition to this corporate effort, our global sustainability program brings sustainability and Zero Waste to the consciousness of our 16,000 employees. Earlier this year, amid the pandemic and remote work, we hosted our first virtual EcoChallenge, in which over 2,000 employees from 13 countries took small individual actions for the planet that resulted in an impressive collective impact. 

To learn more about our Zero Waste commitment, read the full announcement here.