How we're working to keep our community safe, trusted, and professional

On August 12, LinkedIn and other technology companies participated in regular meetings with the U.S. government to coordinate on election security. We released the following joint statement:

On August 7, Blake Lawit, LinkedIn's Senior Vice President and General Counsel, published the following on the LinkedIn member blog:

As the United States enters the final months of this year’s election cycle, we’re mindful of the need to help our members engage on the platform with people and information they can trust. For LinkedIn, this is part of our ongoing work to maintain a safe, trusted, and professional community that allows our 700+ million members worldwide to engage in thoughtful and honest discussions.

LinkedIn is a place for constructive and professional conversations, and while we value freedom of expression, we have clear content policies that apply equally to all members. They include the following:

We don’t allow fake profiles or deceptive content. LinkedIn is a place for real people to share real information with their professional communities. We don’t allow fake profiles, misinformation, “deepfakes,” or other deceptive manipulated content. Our automated systems stop millions of fake accounts from ever appearing on the platform and we remove millions more once detected as fake. We have human investigation teams who detect suspicious content and we allow our members to easily report suspicious profiles and posts they see while using LinkedIn. We also work with government partners and industry peers, including our colleagues within Microsoft’s Defending Democracy Program, to gather information that helps keep the platform safe. 

We don’t allow inappropriate or unprofessional content. Hate speech, harassment, and content intended to shock or humiliate others is also prohibited. In addition to limiting such material through technology, we empower our members to help keep LinkedIn a professional community by reporting inappropriate content. For more information about the types of content we remove, check out our most recent Transparency Report

We don’t allow political ads. We decided in 2018 that political ads aren’t right for LinkedIn. This means that we won’t accept ads supporting or opposing a particular candidate or ballot proposition, or otherwise intended to influence an election outcome. We also don’t allow fundraising ads by candidates, parties or political action committees (PACs), or ads that exploit sensitive political issues. 

During elections and all other times, our members come to LinkedIn for a safe and trusted community where they can express themselves professionally. We are a place for them to find reliable news, data, and insights from sources they can trust. We will continue to invest in making LinkedIn that platform, and empowering our members with the right tools to have the conversations they care about