Protecting and preserving the world’s ecosystems

LinkedIn is proud to be part of the second phase of Microsoft’s global sustainability commitment focused on the preservation and protection of our global ecosystem for current and future generations. As part of this initiative, we are taking responsibility for our land footprint and investing in the protection of precious natural land resources globally, as well as empowering partners and customers who are dedicated to this crucial effort. 

This includes: 

  • Committing to protect more land than we use by 2025, using approaches like land acquisition, conservation easement, national park creation, and community or indigenous-led conservation.

  • Protecting and restoring land in partnership with organizations like The Nature Conservancy globally and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

  • Exploring ways to leverage our platform to help our partners and customers with environmental decision-making in their organizational activities and sustainability efforts. 

While coronavirus has upended daily life for people around the world, we believe that the health and sustainability of our planet remains an important and imminent issue that we can solve by working together. To learn more, visit Microsoft’s announcement here