LinkedIn announces Video Intro and AI-powered interview feedback to help job seekers and hirers

Given the need to adapt to more virtual hiring practices, today, we announced two features that will help hirers get to know candidates better and faster while providing job seekers with a new way to refine their virtual interview skills. 

  • Video intro feature: Although 80% of companies believe that soft skills are increasingly important to company success, they are notoriously hard to assess. This is one of the reasons we're sharing a new video intro feature where a hiring manager can request an introduction as part of the hiring process and a job seeker can respond either through video or written copy. Video introductions allow hirers to ask questions that can start to uncover these key soft skills early in the application process, giving them the opportunity to spend more time on the most qualified candidates and candidates more opportunity to be seen. 

  • AI-powered feedback for members practicing their interview answers: More than 50 percent of job seekers say the interview phase is challenging due to a lack of confidence. To help, we’ve rolled out AI-powered instant feedback to our interview preparation tools. With the new AI feedback feature, once you’ve recorded your practice answers you get an assessment of your answer delivery -- with feedback on pacing, how many times you’re using filler words, and sensitive phrases to avoid. 

Learn more about our interview prep resources on our blog and our video intro feature here