An Update from the LinkedIn Product Team

At LinkedIn, our mission is to connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. At the center of this global professional community is the LinkedIn Feed: a place for our members to discover and join the conversations that are happening among their connections, taking place within their groups, and ignited by the topics, people, and organizations they’re following. A feature that helps start these conversations is Mentioned in the News, which identifies members mentioned in a news article and then notifies them, their connections and their followers.

We routinely look at our features to ensure they are providing value for our members. We are pausing our Mentioned in the News feature for our EU members while we reevaluate its effectiveness.  As referenced in the Irish Data Protection Commission’s report, we received useful feedback from our members about the feature and as a result are evaluating the accuracy and functionality of Mentioned in the News for all members.

To find out more, or to adjust your own settings, please see: