LinkedIn Rolls Out Dynamic Type for iOS users and Automatic Image Descriptions

Our teams are constantly working to improve the LinkedIn experience, and today we are introducing two new improvements to make it easier for all of our members to use LinkedIn. 

First, we have rolled out Dynamic Type for LinkedIn on iOS. The Dynamic Type feature allows users to choose the size of textual content displayed on the screen. You can learn more about how to leverage Dynamic Type when using LinkedIn in our help center

In addition, we are starting to roll out automatic alternative text descriptions for images uploaded to LinkedIn either from desktop or mobile. We use object recognition capabilities to automatically describe the image. Members can also manually add descriptions on images that are uploaded to their Feed, in Groups, and on Company Pages via Desktop. You can learn more about this technology via our engineering blog and help center.

Hear more about LinkedIn’s accessibility efforts from Jennison Asuncion, LinkedIn Head of Accessibility Engineering Evangelism in his most recent posts on LinkedIn (here and here.)

We’re always open to feedback and would love to hear from you on how we can make LinkedIn even better. For any thoughts or questions, we encourage our members to email our accessibility team through our Disability Answer Desk.