LinkedIn announces the rebuild of three core talent tools to one platform

LinkedIn Jobs, Recruiter, and Pipeline Builder are moving to a single platform to give recruiters a more seamless hiring experience

Today, LinkedIn announced plans to move its core hiring tools -- LinkedIn Recruiter, LinkedIn Jobs and Pipeline Builder -- on one single platform called the New Recruiter and Jobs.

For recruiters, the new interface will give them access to all their talent needs in one place, helping them be more productive and collaborative. 

John Jersin, VP of product for LinkedIn Talent Solutions and Careers, shared in a recent post that with this new update, our products will be able to learn from each other, getting smarter with every click and giving recruiters even more accurate recommendations.

The New Recruiter and Jobs -- scheduled for launch in late-Summer 2019 -- will include over 15 new product enhancements. Here are a few:

  • Recommended candidates: LinkedIn will learn what recruiters are looking for in a given role and automatically surface relevant candidates through the Recommended Candidates tab. Best of all, the tools will keep getting smarter with every candidate you engage, or choose not to engage with.
  • Shared InMails: Increasing collaboration functionality, all recruiting team members will be able to see the communications history with a candidate and add notes as they go. Recruiters will also be able to share messages by tagging coworkers with @mentions, keeping everyone up-to-date.
  • Closing the loop: To enhance the candidate experience, we’re introducing a new bulk reject feature which will allow recruiters to click “Reject and send message” within the Applications tab. This lets applicants, either singly or in bulk, know they are not moving forward in the hiring process.
  • Slide-in profile feature: This makes it easier to review candidate profiles without having to toggle back and forth — no more right clicking  and opening tabs. Under Recruiting tools, the slide-in profile will have a place for recruiters to add notes with colleagues.

From a job-seeker perspective, we’ve also continued to build the job-seeking experience on mobile, so you can get real-time insights whether you’re at your desk or on the bus. 

  • Instant job notifications: Starting now, when a job is posted on LinkedIn, we’ll send a push notification to qualified candidates who have told us they’re actively looking for a job in a matter of minutes.

Please see the LinkedIn Talent Blog post here, for further details.

Images of the new intelligent hiring experience are available for download here.