Introducing a New Era for Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator has always been there to help you prospect, but we are adding new functionality to help sales teams expand existing customer relationships, acquire new business and maximize sales productivity.

Today, we are embarking on a journey to win the hearts and minds of the entire sales org with the release of new key features, including:

  • Deals: Managers and reps can more effectively understand and manage pipeline

  • Office 365 Integration: Take Sales Navigator actions and see key insights without ever leaving your Outlook for Web Inbox

  • New Search Experience: A completely redesigned search experience and search results pages to make your experience faster and easier

  • Mobile Lead Pages: Brings a full Sales Navigator experience on the go

  • New SNAP Partners: Adobe Sign joins the program, while Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and SalesLoft  roll out much tighter SNAP integrations, and

  • Sales Navigator Ideas: Opens up a direct channel of communication between you and the Sales Navigator development team

To learn more about how Sales Navigator is adding value across the entire sales organization, click here.