An Update on Nation-State Activity

We're committed to keeping LinkedIn a safe, trusted and professional community. Our policies are very clear: the creation of fake accounts or any fraudulent activity, which includes an intent to mislead or lie to our members, is a violation of LinkedIn's terms of service.

We work diligently to identify and take down fake profiles and fraudulent activity on the platform to minimize harm to our members. We recently uncovered instances of abuse that involve the creation of fake accounts. In some of these cases, we have reason to believe that this fraudulent activity is being undertaken by nation-state actors. In every case, we took immediate action against the accounts in question once we discovered the abuse. We are not seeing specific instances of deliberate misinformation campaigns on our platform that some of our peer companies have recently disclosed.

Our security teams utilize a variety of automated techniques, coupled with human reviewers and member reporting to keep our members safe from all types of bad actors and abuse. We also cooperate with law enforcement as makes sense to help keep our members safe, while always keeping our commitment to member privacy.

Together with the work we recently shared that our teams undertake to detect and then restrict fake profiles, these efforts help us to protect our members and customers.