LinkedIn Announces Carousel Ads

Bring your B2B stories to life with our latest Sponsored Content offering

Today, we’re excited to announce carousel for Sponsored Content, a new way to tell your brand story on LinkedIn. This offering allows you to feature multiple visuals that people can horizontally swipe through while on the LinkedIn feed.

Native carousel ads are the next step in the continued evolution of LinkedIn Sponsored Content to help you humanize your B2B marketing efforts and foster a deeper connection with your audience. With LinkedIn carousel ads, you can:

Tell a complete brand story

In a single carousel ad, you can feature a swipeable series of up to 10 cards, and you can customize each card. With carousel ads, you can tell a deeper story, showcase multiple offerings at once, feature a single offering in depth, and share industry insights.

Command the attention of a professional audience

Because carousel ads are interactive and have eye-catching visuals, they stand out in the newsfeed. Your stories become tangible and encourage your audience to engage with your brand on both desktop and mobile.

Drive results for all your business goals

Carousel ads make every stage of the buyer’s journey count by adapting to your marketing objectives and allowing you to raise brand awareness and consideration, send traffic to multiple landing pages, or seamlessly generate quality leads with Lead Gen Forms.

Carousel for Sponsored Content is now available to all businesses.

Check out more information on carousel ads. To learn more about best practices, visit our ad tips page