LinkedIn reveals the latest talent turnover trends

LinkedIn data analysis looks at the industries with the highest turnover rates from 2017

Today, LinkedIn Talent Solutions revealed the roles, industries and sectors experiencing the highest turnover rates, worldwide. The findings, based on a new analysis of more than half a billion LinkedIn member profiles, show that the tech, retail, and media sectors are seeing the highest turnover rates, while the average turnover rate for all companies around the world is 10.9 percent.

Here are highlights from the report:

  • Tech: In 2017, the tech software sector saw the highest talent turnover rate in front of retail, media and professional services, coming in at 13.2 percent. This is the first time in three years that tech took the “top” spot in terms of highest turnover rate. 

  • Retail: Employees in the retail and consumer sector are turning over at high rates, with industries such as restaurants (17.2 percent), retail (16.2 percent), and sporting goods (14.8 percent) experiencing the most attrition.

  • Media: With media and entertainment, newspapers (13.3 percent), online media (13.2 percent), and sports (13.2 percent) are all neck-and-neck in terms of what industries are driving the turnover rates. 

While every industry has unique drivers motivating its workforce, our research has found that the No. 1 reason people leave their jobs is lack of opportunity. Emphasizing career advancement can help retain current employees and attract new ones.

With the right data, recruiters can get ahead of impending, unwanted turnover. Knowing who’s likely to leave and how valuable that talent is relative to the pool of professionals can make a big difference in keeping those star players.

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