Spotlight candidates on LinkedIn who are open to new opportunities

For recruiters looking to find the right candidate, knowing who is open to opportunities, is part of the challenge. On the other hand, job seekers are faced with making sure their current employer doesn’t find out about their job search. In an effort to help solve for these challenges, late last year we launched two features, Open Candidates and Apply Starters, which help companies unlock “open talent” — people who are open to new opportunities.

Today, we announced Contractor Targeting, an update to the open talent lineup that will help sourcing professionals who use LinkedIn Recruiter find members who are likely to be interested in contract roles based on preferences or profile.

Together, these new features help unlock valuable new talent pools and provide candidate insights upfront, here's how:

  • Open Candidates are 2-4x more responsive than regular candidates.
  • The number of members using Open Candidates (3.4 million) has nearly tripled since the October launch.
  • There are already 4 million LinkedIn members who are likely interested in contractor roles, including positions in IT, Operations, Engineering, Administrative, and Project Management.
  • Candidates who self-identify as contractors are 3x more likely to respond, and 40 percent respond within one day.

Read more about our open talent lineup here.