LinkedIn helping to grow Los Angeles' tech sector

This week, LinkedIn's Vice President of Global Public Policy Pablo Chavez joined Mayor Eric Garcetti at an event in Los Angeles to announce that we’re sharing LinkedIn data with the L.A. Tech Talent Pipeline — an initiative designed to help grow the city’s tech economy.

The data will be incorporated into a comprehensive report detailing the status of the city’s tech talent pipeline and shared with the city’s Workforce Development Board and Economic and Workforce Development Department, local community colleges, and other local educational institutions to help bolster L.A.’s tech talent pipeline.

The mission of L.A. Tech Talent Pipeline is to influence how the city, county, schools, colleges, and workforce development systems create and expand tech curriculum, training, and employment opportunities for a stronger and more equitable economy.

Here are some of the insights we uncovered when we analyzed the profiles of the 5.2 million workers in Los Angeles who use LinkedIn, and the 456,000 companies with a Los Angeles presence on the platform:

Over thirty percent of tech workers in Los Angeles don't have a four-year degree. That’s higher than other comparable tech hubs like the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, and Chicago, and it signals that there are multiple paths workers can use to get into the tech industry.

Four out of five tech workers don't work at tech companies. There are tech jobs at companies in the manufacturing, healthcare, education and entertainment industries, for example.

Los Angeles has a forty-two percent retention rate of tech workers. That’s third only to the San Francisco Bay Area and New York.


For more information, please check out the press release here.