Giving members more choice over their content on LinkedIn

More than 3 million of our members contribute content to LinkedIn every week, providing insights and expertise on topics ranging from healthcare trends and machine learning, to leadership lessons and SEO tips. In order to continue fostering the sharing of knowledge and expertise, we've made some key enhancements for members who publish on LinkedIn — most recently revamping the publishing platform to offer a cleaner writing experience and improving how long-form articles show up to relevant and target audiences across LinkedIn.

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide a professional environment that encourages you to share your perspectives and thoughts on professional issues, we'll be rolling out the ability for you to directly manage the comments on your long-form articles. This added feature gives you the option to enable or disable comments.

Disable or enable comments on your articles

If you want to turn off comments on long-form articles, simply go to the Comment settings icon at the bottom and click “Disable comments” after you’ve posted your article using our publishing platform on desktop. When you save your change, any existing comments will be deleted. You have the control to turn commenting on or off at any time. While this is currently available for long-form articles only, we’ll soon add the option to turn off comments on all of your LinkedIn posts.

We continue to encourage two-way conversations on LinkedIn, and for many members who publish, comments are a great way to start discussions and can lead to broader reach. At the same time, we want to give you greater choice in the types of conversations you have on LinkedIn.


Report inappropriate comments

We know that at times, a very small number of members can tarnish the experience for our broader community by posting inappropriate comments. While we monitor for these types of comments and work directly with members, you can also flag and hide abusive or offensive comments made on any article or post:

  1. Click the “More” icon on the top right of a comment.
  2. Click “Report” to report the comment.
  3. In the pop-up window, tell us more about why you chose to report the comment.



Our goal is to provide a productive environment for everyone across LinkedIn to share and exchange unique insights and knowledge every day. To learn more, visit LinkedIn Help.