April LinkedIn Workforce Report: Seasonally-adjusted hiring trends show a slight dip for second straight month

Although job growth across the U.S. was nearly 6 percent higher in March than the same time last year, hiring is beginning to show signs of slowing down, according to the latest LinkedIn Workforce Report.

After an exceptionally strong start to the year, seasonally-adjusted hiring (employment that excludes seasonal hiring variations, like companies hiring less in December because of the holiday season) was 0.9 percent lower in March than February, and February was 1.3 percent lower than January.

Even the oil and energy industry, which has experienced a 30.8 percent increase in hiring since March 2016, reflected the national trend: seasonally-adjusted hiring was 0.9 percent lower in March than February after being up five months straight.

The LinkedIn Workforce Report helps workers better navigate their careers by highlighting workforce trends in the U.S. and across 20 cities. Insights include whether hiring is up, down, or flat, which skills cities need most, and where workers are moving to and from.

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