UK Workforce Report: British hiring slows down

Hiring in the UK was 10 percent lower in November 2017 than in October 2017, according to LinkedIn’s December UK Workforce Report. The findings reveal that the recent boom in British jobs has been interrupted.

Further key insights include:

  • The slow down was not limited to a single region, but affected the entire country, with hiring tate declining month on month in every region. The key urban economic regions of London, the West Midlands, The East Midlands and the North West all saw similar declines in the November hiring rate, the first three down 9 percent, and the last down 10 percent respectively.

    Meanwhile, Scotland saw the smallest fall in November’s hiring rate when compared to October — down just 5 percent. The top hiring sector in scotland was energy and mining, so the smaller fall could be linked to new hires within the businesses focused on North Sea oil and gas

  • Just one sector reported an increase in its November Hiring Rate compared to October. IT hardware and networking was the only sector to see a rise, of 3 percent. Some of the smallest declines were seen by the legal and finance sectors, whose monthly hiring rate decreased by 1 percent and 6 percent respectively.

  • London continues to draw in the most professionals, both domestically and internationally. The report’s migrational data indicates that London continues to draw in the most professionals, as the foremost region to gain net recipients both internationally and domestically  followed by the South West and North West, respectively.

    The North West, Northern Ireland and the South West have gained the most in domestic migration over the last 12 months after London, which leads significantly on this measure, while 10 of the 12 UK regions were net recipients of international migration and only Northern Ireland and the North East saw a loss.

The LinkedIn Workforce Report reveals a snapshot into the actions of LinkedIn’s 23 million UK members, with the aim of equipping professionals, businesses and politicians with the insights to make informed decisions about their careers, running organisations, or steering Britain successfully through Brexit.

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