New LinkedIn notifications on trending skills

Staying on top of emerging skills and highlighting your strengths is important to connecting to new opportunities, regardless of what industry work in. To give you more insight into in-demand skills, we’ve launched a new monthly notification that shares relevant trending skills among people with your same job title. If you already have this skill, consider adding it to your LinkedIn Profile -- skills are one of the top ways that recruiters search for candidates on LinkedIn.

Click on the skill to get more insights on it, such as which companies are hiring people with that skill and recommended LinkedIn Learning courses you can take if you’re not yet an expert in that area. For example, to find out more about machine learning see here. These insights can help you make sure that you’re on top of the latest skills and staying relevant in your career.

Coming soon, you’ll also receive a notification on hiring trends in your region with insights from our monthly Workforce Report in the U.S. You can check out overall hiring trends, skills gaps for where you live, and migration trends for your city. These insights can help out if you’re considering a career switch or are thinking about moving to a city where your skills are more in-demand.

We hope these insights will help you stay on top of the skills you need to be successful. Stay tuned for future updates to help you stay on top of your skills and show what you’re most skilled at.