New report gives talent professionals real-time product performance metrics

LinkedIn Performance Summary will provide metrics such as "influenced hires" and insights to help drive strategic decisions

Today, LinkedIn Talent Solutions released a new report that will give talent leaders access to how their recruiting efforts are truly working.

LinkedIn Performance Summary provides tips and resources to help talent leaders get more value from their LinkedIn Talent Solutions products based on their current use and performance. It highlights metrics such as “influenced hires,” based on tracking InMail, Recruiter and Job Slots performance, and provides insights to help drive strategic decisions.

Some highlights available in LinkedIn Performance Summary include:

  • See how many hires your tools have influenced with the “influenced hires” metric, represented by candidates on LinkedIn who engaged with paid products prior to being hired.

  • Get a better idea of how far your messages to candidates are going with Inmail Analytics to see how your response rates are trending over time.

  • Make sure all of your jobs are being used through the Job Slot Utilization insights that show you how to get 100 percent utilization on your job posts.

  • Get an idea of the talent that you’re winning and losing with the Talent Flows feature, which highlights where most of your departing employees are going, and which companies you’re successfully hiring from.

Performance Summary will be available beginning mid-November. Click here for additional details.