LinkedIn announces new offerings at Talent Connect 2017 to power data-driven recruiting

New Talent Insights tool to help professionals find the right talent and make smarter decisions with confidence

We kicked off our annual Talent Connect event this week in Nashville, Tennessee, and today, announced plans to build a new product to help talent professionals find and plan for future talent needs.

LinkedIn Talent Insights is a new self-service tool that gives talent professionals direct access to rich data on talent pools and companies, providing a dynamic view on rapidly changing market conditions that will help inform both immediate and long-term talent decisions.

LinkedIn Talent Insights will give you self-service access to two types of reporting: The Talent Pool report and the Company report.

  • Through the Talent Pool report, you’ll be able to precisely define and understand specific populations of talent you’re interested in. Within a few clicks, you’ll have a clear picture of what you need to know to recruit and hire for those hard-to-fill roles. For example, where does this talent live, what schools are producing this talent, and how engaged is this talent with your brand.

  • The Company report will give you insights at a company level so you can see how well you’re doing in attracting and retaining talent, and develop branding and recruiting strategies to get even better. For example, where talent is moving to and from and distribution by function and geography.

Talent intelligence is especially important when approaching strategic discussions with business leaders on hiring and workforce planning, for example understanding why attrition is high, or where to source engineers if your local market lacks supply of the talent you need.  We’ve also designed every feature of this product to make it easier for talent leaders:

  • Easy-to-understand visualizations of data for exporting and sharing, with business leaders and key stakeholders

  • Self-serve so any time or day you can access data about your talent options

  • Seamless integration with LinkedIn Recruiter, so you can put your insights to work, immediately

Also announced at Talent Connect:

  • End to end hiring: We unveiled plans to develop a solution that will help create a more effective and seamless hiring process – from first sourced through onboarding. The end-to-end hiring offering will combine LinkedIn’s rich data set, existing sourcing tools and new candidate management technology to bring sourcing, managing and hiring candidates in one place. This will be released in 2018.

  • Jobs Targeting: Designed to reduce the time spent reviewing unqualified applicants this will allow you to select the exact qualifications in the candidate you’re looking for. You can define specific skillsets, years of experience, and level of education associated with a particular job title for more precise targeting. This also will be released in 2018.

  • LinkedIn Match: This will help you quickly evaluate how well an applicant meets job requirements. As a planned integration with partner Application Tracking Systems (ATS) through Recruiter System Connect, LinkedIn Match will show a checklist indicating how an applicant’s experience matches a job description, helping customers prioritize candidates within the ATS dashboard. LinkedIn Match leverages member profiles and resume data to provide insights on the applicants in the ATS — no matter what method they used to apply. This will be released in 2018.

With a focus on talent intelligence, we recognize the importance of infusing data into every step of the hiring process and look forward to sharing more on these products in 2018. To learn more about talent intelligence, read our latest blog here.


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