LinkedIn announces major updates to Sales Navigator

B2B sales is a tough job.

Today, sales reps need to involve more buyers in the purchasing process, rely upon a collection of disparate sales tools to do their job, and better collaborate with their marketing counterparts, adding new layers of complexity to the sales process. We believe companies that focus on working together within and across business functions will have the best chance at success.

At today's Executive Sales Forum, we announced several upcoming Sales Navigator features that will empower businesses to work more efficiently across their organization, their sales team and a range of sales productivity applications.

Sales and Marketing Integration

Sales and marketing are key to closing deals, but many companies find aligning these two functions challenging.

That’s why we are announcing a plan to integrate Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Campaign Manager so that marketers can target the accounts and leads their sales team is pursuing.

Additionally, sales reps will also be able to see how prospects are interacting with Marketing campaigns from within Sales Navigator. Reps will receive alerts when any of their saved accounts have engaged with their company’s sponsored content on LinkedIn.

Sales Navigator Application Platform


Salespeople spend a lot of time in apps besides CRM and email, and most reps use at least a half dozen different solutions per week. What if you could get these tools to work together so you spent less time on busy work and more time closing deals?

The Sales Navigator Application Platform (SNAP) is a new partner program that provides Sales Navigator integrations across your sales stack. By integrating your sales tools with Sales Navigator, this new offering will allow you to tap into LinkedIn insights throughout the sales process, so you can save time and deliver more personalized customer experiences.


Our SNAP launch partners include:

  • Business Intelligence: InsightSquared, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau

  • eSignature: Adobe Sign, GetAccept

  • Marketing Automation:  Act-On, Demandbase, Engagio, HubSpot, Marketo, Oracle Eloqua

  • Sales Acceleration:, Outreach, SalesLoft, Sendbloom,, Yesware

  • Web Conferencing: BlueJeans

  • Others: Microsoft PowerApps

LinkedIn Data Validation

Keeping your CRM data updated is a hassle. That’s why we’re excited to announce LinkedIn Data Validation, a set of capabilities that will enhance CRM data quality and provide actionable insights.

LinkedIn Data Validation will identify leads and contacts who have left the company they’re mapped to in CRM. Sales professionals can use this intelligence to understand whether they have to bring a new contact into their deals, or if they can leverage existing relationships to pursue new business.


Sales managers spend more time managing their pipeline than working to close the deal. We acquired Heighten to address this challenge and are announcing our plan to integrate the Dealbook feature of Heighten into Sales Navigator, which will allow sales professionals to be more efficient in managing their pipeline.

A New Global Navigation Experience

We’ve redesigned our search and navigation bar to make it easier to find the most relevant prospects. Guided Search helps you find people and companies that you want to do business with. Features, such as Saved Searches and Company Search, are front and center, and our new Discover tab will proactively suggest new people and companies that fit your ideal buyer profile.  

Mobile briefings

We’ve completely re-imagined the Sales Navigator app to help reps understand the next best action they should be taking throughout the day, and alert them of activities, such as saved leads who have recently viewed their profile.


Mobile Briefings integrates with your mobile calendar and gives you meeting prep documents for your business meetings that day. Mobile Briefings include profiles, icebreakers, and relevant company information, so you can quickly prepare for your meetings and feel confident about building rapport with your attendees.

These new features make Sales Navigator more powerful than ever before and enable working together in ways simply not possible before.

To learn more about these products and when they’ll be available, check out the blog post.