Introducing conversation starters to make messaging on LinkedIn even easier

We’re focused on providing ways for our members to be more productive and successful in their careers. One of the key ways we do that is through messaging, since conversations are at the heart of building relationships.  

We know that reaching out to reconnect, ask for advice or network for potential job opportunities can be intimidating, so we’ve added personalized conversation starters in LinkedIn messaging to give members authentic ways to break the ice.

With conversation starters it’s much easier to reconnect and stay engaged, with prompts that show:

  • Updates on connections’ professional activity such as when they have started a new job, celebrated a work anniversary or published an article on LinkedIn.  

  • Shared experiences like having worked at the same company, joined the groups or gone to the same school.

  • Shared connections that make it easier to break the ice.

Now, members can spend less time figuring out what to say, and more time having conversations that help them get ahead and reach their professional goals.