LinkedIn India Crosses the 20 Million Member Milestone

Mumbai - 15 May 2013 - LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network today announced its India member base has crossed the 20 million mark, gaining the critical mass significant enough to represent a world-class city full of professionals and students. This city, “City of LinkedIn India”, would have a “member population” comparable to that of Mumbai’s total metropolitan area, and larger than that of many countries in the world.

City of LinkedIn India’s diverse “population” of 20 million comprises professionals at various stages of their careers, entrepreneurs and students, connected by a common interest – becoming even more successful and productive in the professional lives. Some interesting facts about the “personality” of this city are depicted on the LinkedIn Blog, including:

  • Top 3 industries: IT Services, Computer Software and Accounting
  • Top 3 skills include Management, Sales and Training
  • Bollywood (1565), Yoga (4775), Cricket (2924) and Curry (231) are some interesting keywords mentioned by members in their LinkedIn profiles
  • Most InDemand Employers: TCS, Infosys and IBM
  • Ganganagar, Jalandhar and Delhi-NCR are the top 3 locations where people love their jobs

Having grown by almost 500% since LinkedIn India started operations in November 2009, the 20 million members currently account for about 9% of LinkedIn’s global members (225+ million), and positions India as the second largest member country after the United States (74 million members). Within the Asia Pacific region which has more than 40 million members, India topped the list, followed by countries such as Australia (4+ million), Indonesia (2+ million), Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines (each 1+ million).

Since its inception, the team at LinkedIn India has been focused on helping professionals become more productive and successful with innovative tools and offerings.

Commenting on this milestone, Nishant Rao, LinkedIn India’s Country Manager, said, “While we have come of age in India, we still have a long runway to grow with our members and clients. Helping members get the most out of the LinkedIn platform remains our primary focus, and it’s exciting to see professionals in India continuing to leverage LinkedIn in multiple ways, from enhancing their professional profiles with rich media content and growing their global networks, to gaining insights for their businesses and finding career opportunities. This is helping to create economic opportunities for all.”

“The growth of our member base and clients in India over the last few years is a testament to the value we are adding to our members’ lives every single day. And that is the result of the disruptive power of the LinkedIn platform and the passion of our people,” he added.

LinkedIn’s 20 million members in India also translates into an expanding world of opportunities for its clients. Nishant added, “Our clients play an incredibly important role in helping enrich the lives of our members by sponsoring / sharing relevant content that make our members more productive, and providing business & career opportunities that help make them more successful.”

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions are being used by several brands such as AMEX, Volkswagen, Wipro and HopSim to target specific audiences, build communities, and engage in conversations with these professionals using customized solutions and relevant content. ING Vysya, HCL Technologies and WABAG are amongst the companies that are extensively using LinkedIn Talent Solutions to proactively establish an employment brand, develop their career pages and boost their recruiters’ ability to identify and connect with the best talent.

LinkedIn India is headquartered in Mumbai, with two offices in Gurgaon and a Technology Centre in Bengaluru, a first outside of the US.

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