LinkedIn Launches Two New Subscription Offerings

Palo Alto, Calif. — November 22, 2005 — LinkedIn Corporation today announced two new subscription offerings: Pro and Personal Plus. Pro accounts provide an upgrade path for recruiters, researchers, and other existing Business account holders; Personal Plus accounts enhance the value of LinkedIn for service providers, networkers and job seekers. These new premium accounts complement the Business accounts launched in August and further validate LinkedIn’s business model of providing subscription-based premium services. 

LinkedIn’s revenue from subscriptions has quickly surpassed revenue from advertising while continuing to support rapid user growth. 900,000 professionals have joined LinkedIn since the launch of its first subscription products three months ago, bringing the total to more than 4.2 million registered users. LinkedIn created the new Pro accounts in response to the needs of recruiters, analysts, research professionals, and other Business account holders who frequently need to contact professionals as part of their job. Because many Business Plus account holders wanted to send more than 10 InMails per month to potential candidates and experts, LinkedIn is now providing Pro accounts as an upgrade option for Business account holders. 

Pro accounts are priced at $200 per month and enable users to send 50 InMails per month in order to get in touch professionals who are not reachable via introductions from their connections on LinkedIn. Pro account holders also receive more search results, more introductions, and a dedicated customer service staff. As a complement to the existing subscription offering that helps users to more effectively find candidates and experts, LinkedIn is launching a new Personal Plus account level that is ideal for users who want to maximize their chances of being found on LinkedIn by potential clients, employers or other professionals. The target audience for the new Personal Plus accounts is professional service providers, networkers and job seekers. Each of these groups makes up roughly 5 to 10 percent of LinkedIn’s user base, so the combined target for this new subscription offering is significantly broader than that of the Business and Pro accounts. 

Personal Plus gives professionals the visibility they deserve. By making themselves accessible to OpenLink messages, Personal Plus account holders make it easy for more than 4.2 million LinkedIn users to contact them directly for business opportunities. A Personal Plus account gives service providers and job seekers the ability to allow potential clients or employers to get in touch with them without having to purchase InMails or ask their connections for introductions. OpenLink messages work similar to a toll-free number; any LinkedIn user can send a message directly to any account holder who has OpenLink turned on free of charge. However, for added privacy protection, OpenLink does not require users to publish their email address to receive messages directly from other users. OpenLink messages are delivered to a user’s primary email address without revealing that email address to the sender. 

Personal Plus account holders may also join the OpenLink Network, which is an opt-in network of professionals within the LinkedIn Network. By joining the OpenLink Network, professionals can find like-minded users who believe in the importance of being easily accessible and who want to maximize their visibility among other professionals who are actively looking to build new business relationships. Personal Plus account holders can also contact more users via introductions, receive priority customer service, and get access to forum sessions with LinkedIn executives as well as receive sneak peeks of future product enhancements. Pricing for Personal Plus accounts is $60 per year. Both new account types are now available. Business and Pro account holders automatically receive access to the new Personal Plus features. 

LinkedIn’s CEO Reid Hoffman said, “When users are paying $200 per month for access to a business network like LinkedIn, it is clear that we have managed to create significant value for our users. Our new Personal Plus accounts reflect the increasing search volume on LinkedIn, and the fact that a significant portion of our user base is willing to pay for increased visibility on LinkedIn and for maximizing inbound career or business opportunities.” 

About LinkedIn 
LinkedIn is the world’s largest and most effective business network. On LinkedIn, more than 4.2 million professionals find jobs, people and service providers through their existing network of business relationships. LinkedIn offers five premium services. Hiring managers posting jobs on LinkedIn Jobs receive candidates recommended by fellow employees or other trusted contacts. More than 250,000 service providers listed in the LinkedIn Services business-to-business directory have an opportunity to be at the top of the search results when contacts of their former clients search for recommended service providers. More than 1,000 membership organizations use LinkedIn for Groups to strengthen connections between members and develop greater loyalty to the organization. LinkedIn Business and Pro Accounts provide enhanced search and contact options. LinkedIn Personal Plus Accounts offer service providers, networkers and job seekers increased visibility in LinkedIn search results.